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The driver of a vehicle plays a very important role in managing the vehicle and the safety of its passengers. In today’s world driving is a necessary part of our lives.And the duty of the driver to ensure that the passengers are safe.

The driver of a vehicleplays a very important role in managing the vehicle and the safety of itspassengers. In today’s world driving is a necessary part of our lives but notbeing a good driver can be very dangerous. When one is driving,  one should remember that there are many livesin their hand and it’s the duty of the driver to ensure that the passengers aresafe.

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A Sense of Responsibility and Discipline -An excellent car driver should posses a goodsense of responsibility and follow all safety requirements when driving. Alongwith a sense of responsibility he needs to be courteous towards clients andpassengers. He should always expect the unexpected and anticipate, which wouldlead him to take precautions if anything untoward should happen. A good driveralways has a positive attitude and is self disciplined.


Alertness and Effective Observation-Alertness is one of the most importantqualities that a car driver should possess. Driving smoothly and beingresponsive to road conditions is also very important to make sure that yourpassengers have a comfortable ride. Every driver should have effectiveobservation while driving. Watching mirrors frequently, watching forpedestrians, looking ahead in anticipation of other vehicles and being aware ofsurroundings. Concentrating on driving and the road is essential; a good cardriver avoids distractions. Good Judgment makes a good driver. A thoughtfuldriver always considers other road users and does not affect how others need todrive on the road.


Impeccable Driving Skill  –  To be a good driver one must have excellentdriving skills in addition to having a good driving record. Having these twoaspects, one can be assured of the safety of the driver, passengers and thegoods. Good driving skills help in keeping the costs of vehicle operation down.A quality driver should be able to use all of the controls smoothly andefficiently.  Driving skill means youshould know how to park and change gear. Additionally, effective use of the gears is about doing all thissmoothly without jerking the passengers. One must know that to be a skillfulcar driver it takes a lot of practice behind the wheel of a car.


A Good Attitude and Customer Service Skills make a QualityDriver-

So having the rightattitude is something that defines the quality and personality of a gooddriver. If a driver doesn’t have the right attitude, he will not be considereda good driver. If the driver has an unhealthy attitude he will have to workvery hard at changing it. While driving, drivers have to be calm and tolerantin all situations. While driving you meet a lot of people and come in contactwith different personalities so this occupation requires one to have excellentcustomer service skills. Both car driver and taxi drivers have to frequentlydeal with clients and passengers.


Knowledge and Maintenance Skills Make for a Quality Driver-A quality driver should have the rightknowledge of  whichever vehicle he isdriving. It is important to know how a car, or lorry, operates and the drivershould be able to perform repairs as required. For example, if faced with aflat tire, the driver should be able to change the tire.  A driver should be able to perform maintenancetasks to ensure that the vehicle meets compliance and safety standards. Aproficient driver should avoiding multitasking, as this can get dangerous. Thatmeans no texting (no SMS) while driving and definitely no talking on the phonewhile driving.The car driver should have knowledge of the vehicles safetyfeatures, controls of the vehicle, knowledge of traffic highway codes and beable to plan the shortest route.


Physical Fitness and Stress Management For Drivers-Both truck, taxi and car drivers should bephysically fit, alert and aware of what is going on around them at all times.Drivers should be able to handle and manage stress. Driving is one of thoseoccupations that at times can get highly stressful. A driver should always bepatient when dealing with passengers and even if  a situation like an accident arises keep asense of control.  It is important tokeep your cool, as being rude to other road users will only aggravate thesituation.


Respect Your Vehicle and Respect Yourself-All drivers should take pride in theirvehicles. It is important to keep a car, taxi, or any other vehicle, clean fromthe inside and shiny from the outside. Do not leave food, papers or bottleslying around on the seat or floor of the vehicle. If possible keep some sort ofair freshener in the car. If you have a uniform then make sure it is ironed andclean. Dress in a clean shirt and pair of pants on a daily basis if you do nothave a uniform. Passengers should be always be pleased to be driven around byyou. Be kind, polite and courteous to the people you interact with.Take pridein yourself and the service that you provide. Being a driver is a very important service to society.


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