Blogging Jobs : How to Get hired?

Monday, October 12, 2015 - by Admin - 9

Blogging Jobs : How to Get hired?

Monday, October 12, 2015 - by Admin - 9

Blogging jobs is one of those career opportunities that you can get easily based on your writing skills and you can work from home. Sounds like a dream for many, but with the evolution of Blogging as a career, this job opportunity is getting wider every day. In this post we will cover some of the points which will help you to get an awesome paying “get paid for writing” kind of job.

Very first thing, which I want to talk about is Blog writer jobs. Specially, talking about India, where pay per hour is too less, there are hundreds of content writers from small cities who work day and night, and despite of their hard work they get paid very less. Hello, content writer, read this article seriously, and it may change the way you are making money by writing content for anyone.

One of the major issue which I have seen with Content writers is, they don’t get enough exposure and you will never find their name in the article. They will be getting paid for doing ghost or pseudo writing for some 3rd party content writing company, and they miss out the opportunity to make handsome money for their hard work.

Get out of the world of content writing and try to jump into the world of Paid blogging or paid to blog kind of work. We will look into some of the aspect of it, and hopefully this might help many content developer who have missed out big amount of money earning opportunities.

What are Blogging Jobs?

Blogging job is not only related to writing content, it’s more than that. That includes, Analytics, promotion, branding, Social media promotion, editors, content developers, advertisement manager and so on.  Get this, thing out of your mind that Blogging jobs are related to content development. A Full fledged blog needs proper planning, SEO manager, and many other roles which I mentioned above and for obvious reasons it can’t be accomplished by one man.

So, before we move ahead I want you to sit down and see what you are good at: SEO? Content strategy? Content development? or anything related.

If you are a content writer, try to get out of field of “I can write on any topic”, try to become an expert. For example, be an expert on any niche like “Health topic” “Android phones” “Apple stuff” and so on. This way, it will be easier for you to approach and get recognized, which we will see below.

There are many Sites out there that offer Full Time or Part Time jobs to Bloggers to write for them. Usually these sites offer blogging jobs to micro niches or sub topics inside a Blog. These sites have extremely stringent selection process to pick Bloggers to write for them, as you will be representing the site once you start working as well as the fact that they are paying you good money to Blog for them. Well, these jobs don’t come easy so let me help you by giving some tips that I know regarding getting hired for a Blogging Job.



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